We are your full service dealer of the Action Trackchair for the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, and North Carolina.


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What is an Action Trackchair? 

These tracked chairs are for ANYONE with limited mobility such as respiratory, heart, or joint issues that limit their ability to walk long distances.  They are also for individuals who have no use of, or have lost limbs and are wheelchair bound.  They are able to regain access to much of what they thought they had left behind due to their accident or illness.

With the number of people either injured in our military or through farming and logging accidents, or the many people that simply have mobility issues, the Action Trackchair can have a huge impact on their quality of life.  No longer are you limited to the house, but now you can get out into the fields and woods, to work and be productive again.

Action Trackchairs are a remarkable innovation having zero turn technology capable of turning on their own axis, with amazing traction to make the great outdoors accessible again!  This gives the rider ability to reach remote areas that seemed impossible before.  The Action Trackchair is designed with simple fingertip joystick control for easy operation.  Action Trackchairs can be used for any number of activities, such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, working on the farm or ranch, hiking, or beachcombing.

Winter is coming…are you ready for the snow? We are!


Get a plow for your Trackchair today! $995*

Call for details on the Nordic Plow for your trackchair.  540-547-4470

*price does not include shipping and handling

!!!!!!!!! THE BUCK STOPS HERE !!!!!!!



Calling all white tail deer hunters with an Action Trackchair/ Trackstander!  Simply email us a picture of you, your prize white tail buck, and your Trackchair together or submit on our Facebook page.  You may be the winner of the grand prize and bragging rights to the most points and biggest rack Nationwide.  Last day to accept pictures will be January 31, 2015.  Winner to be announced in February 2015.

First prize $250

Second prize $150

Third prize $100

White tail buck is judged on number of points and tape measure from widest point to point.  First picture to show you sitting in your Trackchair/ Trackstander next to your prize buck.  Submit a second picture showing tape measure from point to point on rack.  Final decisions are at discretion of Offroad Trackchair personnel. 

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Current lead time with the factory is 6-8 weeks.  Ask to see if one of our inventory Action Trackchairs or Action Trackstanders will fit your needs. 

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Carriers are available for $550. 

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